Episode 47: LeGarrette Blount makes his debut on “The Patriots Report” to talk about the current state of the Patriots, what’s the most important thing for a player to accomplish this time of year, who will win the NBA Finals…and much more

Chris and LG talk about who might be calling plays for the New England offense in 2022, the evolution of Mac Jones, why so many guys return to the Patriots after leaving, the dreaded conditioning test...and much more. LG also predicts how the NBA Finals showdown between the Celtics and Warriors is going to turn out.

Where to Listen

LeGarrette Blount makes a splash in his debut on “The Patriots Report” with some opinions on:

-Who will be calling New England’s offensive plays in 2022.

-Why do the Patriots run through so many backs?

-How tough is New England’s pre-camp conditioning test? And how many times did he fail it?

-Why do so many players choose to come back to Foxborough after leaving?

-Who is going to take the NBA title and why.

…and much more.