These Glasses Will Help Your Putting

The glasses are called POPTICALS. They are specifically designed for golf. The lenses are nylon, hard t scratch. They are not polarized, so you can easily read the contours of the green because the differences in shade of green colr are easily discernable. And they fold up for very easy storage. Check them out at

Where to Listen

Not only do we interview the owners of the sunglass line called Popticals, sunglasses specifically designed to make golf easier to play with the glasses on, But John And Jeff also discuss other pieces of gear that will improve your game. We have discussed how important it is that your glove be tacky and not worn out. Well, the sameĀ  is true for your grips. How often should you replace the grips on your clubs? Good reasone why they should be replaced and a good idea of how often. Even how to tell if they need to be replaced. All this week on the award winning, Best Golf Sgow of 2024, Those Weekend Golf Guys