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True Crime & Knit invites listeners to indulge in their knitting (or their vice of choice), as they listen to host Safiyyah Talley (The Drunk Knitter) tell lesser known stories that involve people of color and lgbtq+ voices. Safiyyah will often be joined by leaders in the knitting industry, who will react to the story and share their own conclusions. Also during the show, Safiyyah and her guests will have an intermission (a knitter-mission) where they discuss knitting projects and current events in the knitting world.

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Safiyyah Talley

Safiyyah started off as a political and fashion journalist for indie publications and fashion websites in NYC. Tired of the city and fast fashion, she moved to the countryside, where she started her own business as a sustainable knitwear designer. Now, she is a full-time designer, upcoming author, and teaches knitwear design classes to budding designers. Still wanting to explore her journalistic roots, while feeding her passion for knitting, Safiyyah began True Crime and Knit, a true-crime podcast that delves into lesser-known cases often with some well-known guests from the knitting industry. Safiyyah lives in a tiny town of about 50 people in Indiana with her husband Jake, her son Beau, two cats, a dog, an angora bunny, and too many chickens.