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Sobriety is scary. Whether you are sober from alcohol, drugs, gambling, porn, or whatever it is that you struggle to live without, SOBRIETY is scary. RJ Zimmerman has been sober from alcohol for 8 years and is still scared by aspects of it. More importantly, sobriety is removing barriers from your life to allow you to have more fun, live in the present, and love more fully. Untapped Keg explores different aspects of sobriety, including the fun, through guest conversations, advice from professionals, and lived experience! You are not alone, but it’s ok to feel that way. Let Untapped Keg show you, every Sunday, that others are on the journey with you! Art by Super Lunar Design.

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Montee Ball and RJ Zimmerman

Your average blue collar worker from a small town in Wisconsin, RJ Zimmerman is a high voltage line technician for a utility company and a father of two. RJ has been sober from alcohol for 8 years through sheer stubbornness, fear of the morning after, and, now, improving his mental health. RJ is quick to send out a helping hand, loves to spread joy and hope, and genuinely wants to remove the stigma around sobriety and mental health!