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Bleav in Skateboarding with Jim Gray

Listen in as Host Jim Gray talks to skateboarders, both the ones you know and some remarkable ones you don't. You are going to hear about the feeling, the pleasure, the pain, the rewards and the price of skateboarding. You will get introduced to skateboarders from all over the world, pro’s, am’s, doctors, real estate agents, band managers, rock stars, industry knowns and unknowns. You are going to find out why some will be excited to hear Jim has a podcast and others are going to think “oh no”. Jim cares more about skateboarding itself and what’s its done for his life, than money, politics, or what’s popular, and he has no problem telling it like it is and calling the skateboard industry on its bs. Most of all, you are going to meet some interesting people whose lives have been affected by skateboarding. Click Subscribe and start listening as this is not going to be a “typical” skateboard podcast.

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Jim Gray

Jim Gray is the luckiest man in skateboarding. Jim started skateboarding about 45 years ago, got sponsored at 14, turned pro at 18, competed against the legends and pioneers of skateboarding and has skated with every generation since and never stopped.

Jim sold ads for Transworld Skateboarding Magazine for a few years before starting Acme Skateboards in 1991. Jim’s Acme/Abc Board Supply company made several million skateboards for themselves and other major and small brands in his US based factory. Jim also has made and sold millions of wheels, trucks, clothing, and just about everything else associated with skateboarding. Jim has sponsored and paid hundreds of athletes and did some of the most unique and creative advertising in skateboarding.

Jim has always called bullshit and always will, and skateboarding and his connection with skateboarders have been flowing through his blood for 40 plus year now.

Today, Jim operates Powerflex Wheels(a relaunch of an icon and sponsor from his youth), Inkgenda Sticker Printing(printing stickers for Volcom, O’Neill, VonZipper, Fucking Awesome, NikeSB, Black Label, Jokers Skate Shop and hundreds of iconic brands), TEiM Brands (a licensing/branding company focused on apparel printables), and Tremont (a clothing brand for big guys) and now BLEAV in Skateboarding! Luckily they all involve skateboarding and give him an excuse to skate!