Bleav (pronounced believe), the #1 podcast network for professionals, was founded for the love of Los Angeles sports teams.

After searching through the small amount of team-centric podcasts, we wanted more. When we’re talking team, we wanted to hear from professional athletes that played for or against the teams as the host. We wanted that inside information, detail, access, and guests that only an athlete can provide.

So, we stopped looking and started building. Bleav is now proudly the first podcast network to give you an individual show and athlete host for every team (college and professional) in LA, available to download and be listened to on your time.

We liked that so much that we’re now expanding to new cities!

We love our teams and there are other topics we love to talk about too. That’s why we go above and beyond to produce additional podcasts on our favorite topics with hosts that are professionals on those topics.

Bleav podcasts are available to be downloaded or streamed on iTunes, Stitcher, Tunein, Google Play, Spotify, Luminary, iHeart and our website. Follow us across social at @Bleavpodcasts.

We Bleav in our teams, topics and professionals! #DoYouBleav!?