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A basketball court might be 94 feet long, but the game’s reach has undeniably transcended the lines of the hardwood and left its mark on art, entertainment, culture and so much more. On a personal note for us at Bristol Studio, basketball has been an ever-present force in our lives since we could walk; it has shaped who we are, how we think, and given us the gift of lifelong friendships. In this sense, 94 & More is a love letter to the game that raised us. On this podcast, we will bring on guests from all professions – athletes, artists, business leaders, and more – who share our mutual respect and love for the game of basketball. Together we will explore the ways in which basketball has come to shape our lives and in the process impact the greater culture at large. 94 & More is hosted by Jake Fenster, a co-owner of Bristol Studio and Director of Marketing for the brand. Co-hosting alongside Jake will be Vic Law, formerly a guard for the Orlando Magic, who will bring an active professional basketball player’s perspective to each episode.

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