Baseball and BBQ Episode #134: Author, John Rosengren and Pitmasters, Chris Lilly, Grant Pinkerton, and John Wheeler

Baseball and BBQ Episode #134 features author, John Rosengren and pitmasters, Chris Lilly, Grant Pinkerton, and John Wheeler

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Baseball and BBQ Episode #134 features author, John Rosengren and pitmasters, Chris Lilly, Grant Pinkerton, and John Wheeler
John Rosengren is an award-winning journalist and author.  His latest book is Classic Baseball:  Timeless Tales, Immortal Moments.  His feature articles, profiles, and essays have appeared in more than 100 publications.  The following is taken from the “About John” section of his website,  “I once interviewed a woman shot in the head by hijackers and left for dead on the tarmac.  I raced my bike against Greg LeMond in South Africa (and beat him). I played a tennis match against the world’s top-ranked wheelchair tennis player (and lost). I channeled a 330-pound Samoan, a retired NFL nose tackle who is gay (Esera Tuaolo, for his memoir). I played softball on snowshoes in the summertime (wood chips spread across the infield). I rapped a base hit off former Twins pitcher Rick Aguilera.  I listened to a nurse tell me the story of prying a shotgun shell out of Ernest Hemingway’s hand when he was intent on killing himself. I profiled a woman who is a Roman Catholic priest. I attended a powwow with LGBTQ Native Americans. I interviewed a mortician in the room where she embalmed my father. I talked to a 15-year-old boy in his hospital room after he tried to stop a school shooter.”  The preceding is why we went into this interview knowing we would never be able to discuss all of his accomplishments in one sitting, so the first thing we did was extend an invitation to have him back.
Chris LillyGrant Pinkerton, and John Wheeler are three outstanding pitmasters who have spent years honing their craft and earning well-deserved reputations for being among the best.  We were fortunate to meet them at Pig Beach BBQ in Queens, NY during the Jeff Michner Foundation BBQ Benefit.  Each interview is relatively short, but comes with their assurances that they will join us again.  The conversations may have been brief, but we still gathered some barbecue tips as well as getting a small glimpse into each of their lives and enjoy their delightful personalities, which were on display all day for the many people who paid to be there and experience these pitmasters signature dishes.
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We conclude the show with the song, “Baseball Always Brings You Home” by the musician, Dave Dresser, and the poet, Shel Krakofsky.
We truly appreciate our listeners and hope that all of you are staying safe.
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