Ring in the New Year with Author, Dale Perelman and Tales of Baseball’s Legendary Chuck Tanner Plus Barbecue Renaissance Man, Ray Blazick and Not One, But Two Huge Rants

Ring in the New Year with author, Dale Perelman and tales of baseball's legendary Chuck Tanner, plus Barbecue Renaissance Man, Ray Blazick and Not One, But Two Huge Rants

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Ring in the New Year with author, Dale Perelman and tales of baseball’s legendary Chuck Tanner plus Barbecue Renaissance Man, Ray Blazick and not one, but two huge rants
Dale Perelman is a prolific writer who lives in New Castle, Pennsylvania, the same town which a legendary baseball lifer lived, loved, and called home.  Dale’s latest book, Chuck Tanner and the Pittsburgh Pirates is all about his town’s famous resident who spent a career in baseball both as a player and manager. He lead the Pittsburgh Pirates from 1977 to 1985 and helped capture the 1979 World Series. Tanner was key in developing the relief pitcher through his work with Goose Gossage and he played a role in the careers of numerous players such as Willie Stargell, Dave Parker and more. Through extensive research and interviews, author Dale Perelman presents the life and career of Chuck Tanner.
Ray Blazick is a lover of barbecue and has been perfecting his craft while sharing his barbecue strategies.  He works to make his barbecue interesting, but still accessible for beginners.  He approaches BBQ and cooking with an emphasis on family-friendly ways to eat healthy together.  When he is not cooking BBQ he is exploring the best BBQ locations in America.  He has a big social media presence and perhaps one day he will be considered amongst the top pitmaster’s.  Go to https://itsbbqray.com/home/ for more information on Ray.
We conclude the show with the song, Baseball Always Brings You Home from the musician, Dave Dresser and the poet, Shel Krakofsky.

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