Vaughan Rody Joins Jonah in The Pressrow

Vaughan Rody is a former National Hockey League official who worked over 1000 NHL games throughout his 23-year career. After leaving the NHL, Vaughan opened his own hockey camp (PRO EDGE Hockey School) in the Seattle area where he teaches kids the right skills of the game.

Where to Listen

Vaughan had an outstanding career in the NHL that led him to 18 playoff games. The NHL veteran has worked over 1000 games in the NHL, including two heritage classics and an all-star game. The last game of Vaughan in the NHL took place in the brand new Kraken arena in Seattle where he is currently based and ended with a cereal send-off in front of family and friends.

A link to Vaughan’s hockey school’s website can also be found below if you’re interested.

In this episode of The Press Row, Jonah talks with Vaughann about:

  • The NHL referee path 
  • The change in the game through the years 
  • Typical game day for a referee in the NHL
  • The Video replay Process 
  • Chatter on the ice between players 
  • The Tim Donaghy story 

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