With Donovan Mitchell off the table, who are the next targets for the Wizards to show “interest” in?

Kevin Broom of Bullets Forever and the #SoWizard podcast (@So_Wizards) joins Matt Modderno to talk about realistic and unrealistic trade targets for the Wizards now that Donovan Mitchell has been traded. We discussed all of the stars who have the potential to be on the trading block next, any remaining Jazz players that might interest the Wizards, and impact players who might realistically be attainable. We also covered some of the young options and older vets on the free agent market who might be of interest. Plus, we gave our takes on who would win a 7-game series between Wall/Beal/Porter Jr./Morris/Gortat and Arenas/Hughes/Butler/Jamison/Haywood. This week's Prospect Profile is Kris Murray of Iowa, twin brother of Keegan Murray. Presented by BetOnline.Ag!

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