Golf Writer Bob Harig Talks About His New Book On Tiger’s Legacy

Golf writer Bob Harig spends an hour with Those Weekend Golf Guys talking about his new book, Drive: The Lasting Legacy of Tiger Woods

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Bob Harig has written, and still does wrote about golf for Sports Illustrated, ESPN and other fine Gof Publications. Bob wrote a book entitled, “Tiger and Phil’ about Tiger Woods and Phile Mickelson. Now he has released a new book entitled, “Drive: The Lasting Legacy of Tiger Woods”. Bob spent an hour with us this week talking about Tigers Legacy, how Tiger has inspired other tour players to work out, become stronger athletes. Bob talks about Tiger’s work ethic, his practice routines, how he came back from serious injury and some serious personaltragedies. Any fane of Mr. Harig’s, fan of Tiger’s or simply a fan of golf needs to hear this week’s show.