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Listen to the #1 Handicapping podcast before you make any picks this week! Join legendary Handicapper Brandon Lang alongside expert Scott Seidenberg on The Football Betting Show. Each week, the hosts provide the best picks, hilarious insight, and the expert knowledge you need!

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Brandon Lang & Scott Seidenberg

Brandon Lang is the undisputed #1 handicapper in sports. His story and talents were so noteworthy that Hollywood took notice. In 2005, the Movie “Two for the Money” debuted with Matthew McConaughey starring as Brandon Lang. Brandon runs, providing insight into beating the lines. Now, he brings his talents to Bleav so you can bet on LA.

Scott Seidenberg is a nationally syndicated Sports Radio host, working with some of the biggest names in sports during his time with NBC, ESPN, CBS & more. He’s covered‚Ćeverything from Super Bowls to All-Star Games. Scott’s passion for‚Ćsports betting is infectious, with the goal of delivering the best content in the most entertaining way possible. You can follow Scott on Twitter @ScottsOnAir and catch some of his work on his website,