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Attempting Fatherhood

Welcome to "Attempting Fatherhood," the podcast for all those dads out there just trying their best. Join Emmy-award-winning host Bradley Hasemeyer as he chats with dads from various backgrounds who have experienced great success in their careers. BUT as everyone knows, resumes don’t matter when it comes to changing diapers or dealing with a headstrong teenager. This is the place where dads cut through the chit-chat about work and lawn care and get into the nitty-gritty of #DadLife being honest, vulnerable, and ultimately leaving listeners encouraged. Each episode will cover a range of topics like how to define fatherhood, wrestling with work/life balance, lessons from their own fathers that work in their own family AND those they will be leaving out of their parenting, and of course, figuring out why it seems like no one in the house listens to them. So if you are a dad...or have a dad...this is the podcast for you. We're not here to teach. We're here to learn and we'd love you to join in that as well because ultimately we are all Attempting Fatherhood.

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Bradley Hasemeyer

Bradley Hasemeyer is an Emmy-Award-winning host, actor, and father to a 25-year old foster daughter, 8- year old biological daughter, and a 1-year old son whom he and his wife adopted. As a host for more than a decade, he’s interviewed people ranging from Elon Musk to Bob Saget and currently hosts live-stream and digital content for Honda and Acura while simultaneously trying to figure out why the expression “time to brush teeth” each night creates an enormous emotional struggle for his daughter.