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Bleav in LA Sports Business with Fred Wallin

Listen in as veteran sports reporter Fred Wallin takes you deep into the exciting, crazy, and uber successful business of Los Angeles sports.


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Rick Rosen from Las Vegas

Sports Business LA with Fred Wallin and Rick Rosen from Las Vegas. The guys look at the LA franchises in the Vegas future books, the Dodgers bereft of a bullpen, and Dodgers lose Julio Urias on domestic violence allegations. Also, can Mike Trout MVP? Can Dwight Howard help the Lakers?  

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No Melvin Gordon?

On this episodes, Directv and CBS finally make a deal, Directv’s lack of customer service, Dodgers add games to channel 5 schedule, Dodgers bullpen, Angels woes, NFL preseason Fans have to buy exhibition games!!? No Gordon. DeMar DeRozan from USC quite rich which is good for LA Sports Business!

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Fred Wallin

Fred Wallin lives and dies the business of sports. In his illustrious career, Fred has been a mainstay in Los Angeles with national sports and political talk shows. Presently, Fred hosts Sports Overnight America on Sirius XM 211 and a slew of stations. Fun fact: Fred hosted a 5.5 hour post game show on KABC the night Kirk Gibson went deep against the A’s in the 1988 World Series.