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You manifested being here, for you are the creator of your reality and your reality could be way more fetch! Feed your dreams and get some plastic surgery for your soul with Superficial Magic. Superficial Magic is like The Secret if it was written by Romy and Michele. The podcast is hosted by former psychologist and comedian Meagan Grainger. Her ridiculous Los Angeles life is the perfect backdrop to offer truthful, sometimes taboo conversations about self-worth, dating, knowing your place in the universe and leveling up. Each week Meagan stalks a different expert to expand your consciousness, raise your vibes, and help you manifest whatever you want. Nothing is too big! Listen to this podcast if you don’t want to be a virgin who can’t drive.

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Meagan Grainger

Hi! I’m Meagan Grainger and I’m so glad to have you in my little world. Please never leave. A few things about me…I’m literally obsessed with self-help, spirituality and wellness. Like I would snort it. I have a masters degree in psychology so I love to explore mental health hacks. I am also 17% enlightened but that’s a whole other story. I am also a comedy writer. Mathematically I am like Mariah Carrey + Eckhart Tolle x cats – full spiral / wigs. You know? Of course you do.