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Bleav in the Fit Life

Join Eraldo Maglara as he explores the myriad of ways to get and stay fit. He will speak with entrepreneurs, professionals, doctors, athletes, scientists and experts from all across the country and get their feedback on the topic of Health and Fitness.

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Certified Yoga Expert, Chef and Organic Food Expert Susan Cohen Explains How to Live a Better Life.

Susan Cohen grew up in Philadelphia and had a wonderful childhood, playing outdoors, walking, games and bike rides. Also, having wonderful fresh foods prepared by my Mom. I loved being in the kitchen with her and assisting her. I studied Yoga and became Certified in many styles of Yoga, specializing in Yoga for Back Care, … Continued

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Dr. Steven Webb talks about how we can protect our kids from the Internet, Cyberbullying and the Dark Web.

Dr. Steven Webb is a Certified Social Media Intelligence Expert and the author of the Amazon best-selling book Education in a Violent World. He is an award-winning educator, police officer, and the founder of Safe School Systems, an organization that helps schools and communities enact and enhance common-sense school safety tactics.

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Exercise Physiologist Tony Manci Discusses His Journey and Accomplishments in the Health and Fitness Industry

Tony Manci is a 62 year-old exercise physiologist. He holds a master’s degree from University of Wisconsin. He has managed two health clubs, owns a personal training business and has a 2nd degree Black Belt in Shorin Ryu karate with over 45 years of experience training and teaching. He was also responsible for the security … Continued

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Eraldo Maglara

In addition to being a nationally recognized fitness trainer, Eraldo is a television talk-show host, Executive Producer, brand ambassador, entrepreneur, influencer, public speaker and accomplished author. Eraldo’s highly successful book “The Real Fountain of Youth: Simple Lifestyle Changes for Productive Longevity” offers relatable tips and advice on aging and health. Eraldo has appeared on numerous morning news shows throughout the country including NBC, CBS, FOX and ABC. Eraldo has been featured in Forbes, MoneyInc, SELF, Oxygen, Muscle and Fitness, Huffington Post, Prevention as well as many digital sites. Eraldo received his certifications from the National Personal Training Institute (NPTI), as well as the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).