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Bleav in The Long Run

Host and collegiate long-distance runner Dominic Santina gives you insight in what it means to be a successful and true long-distance runner.

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Episode #20 – Fall Update

This episode takes a look at different associations that have made decisions on what to do for the upcoming cross country season. Along with an update to the Chicago Marathon. Dom discusses what these decisions mean and how they could play out or impact other decisions going forward. Plus we have our weekly training tips, … Continued

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Episode #15 – Madeline Salem

A former college teammate at Rochester University Madeline Salem joins the podcast. We talk about memories from our college running career, how she has continuously cut her fastest career times, how she has delt with her current injuries. Plus what she plans on doing going forward in her running career.

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Episode #13 – Kayla Keane

Former University of Michigan runner and northern Michigan native Kayle Keane joins the podcast to talk about her experience at Michigan. While also talking about how running in northern Michigan prepared her for college. Keane also talks about being chosen as the honorary speaker of the athlete graduation at Michigan.

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Dominic Santina