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Bleav presents On The List with Brett Gursky

Listen in as Producer, Director, Nightlife Impresario Brett Gursky talks with Hollywood and entertainment’s finest to discover how they got “On the List”


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Gene Stupnitsky: Episode 54

It’s the fifty-fourth episode of On The List with Brett Gursky. This week’s guest Gene Stupnitsky (“Good Boys”) talks all about his career as a writer and director. He shares behind-the-scenes stories from the making of his feature directorial debut “Good Boys”– an R-rated comedy starring kids. He discusses writing the script with his writing partner … Continued

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Jonathan Kite: Episode 52

It’s the fifty-second episode of On The List with Brett Gursky. This week’s guest Jonathan Kite (“2 Broke Girls”) talks about his career as both an actor and a stand-up comic. Jonathan discusses growing up in Chicago and the theater program in high school that helped him find his calling. He also shares his story … Continued

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Brett Gursky

Day or night, Brett Gursky shines in Los Angeles. By Day, Brett is a producer, having worked on such hit titles Hello Ladies and Small Shots. By night, Brett has led in the creation and marketing of some of Hollywood’s most famous restaurants and nightclubs for the Hwood Group. As a host, Brett interviews some of the entertainment industry’s biggest names. His goal: find out how to get “On the list,” a metaphor for making it in Hollywood.