Baseball and BBQ Episode #143 Features ESPN’s, Bob Ryan, Columnist, Bill Chuck, Former MLB Pitcher, Steve Trachsel, and The Grill Dads, Ryan Fey and Mark Anderson

Baseball and BBQ Episode #143 Features ESPN's, Bob Ryan, Columnist, Bill Chuck, Former MLB Pitcher, Steve Trachsel, and The Grill Dads, Ryan Fey and Mark Anderson

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What’s in a game?  Specifically, the MLB game played on May 6, 2000, between the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and the Boston Red Sox which featured a pitchers’ duel with Pedro Martinez and Steve Trachsel.  We answer that question as we speak with Bob Ryan, Bill Chuck, and Steve Trachsel.  Not to be outdone, the second half of the show features an interview with The Grill Dads which will make you laugh and want to cook, all at the same time.
Bob Ryan was a spectator at the game and it is his scorecard which appears in the book he co-authored with Bill Chuck, In Scoring Position:  40 Years of a Baseball Love Affair, that sparked the idea of a discussion on this particularly incredible game.  Ryan is a member of five Halls of Fame for his sportswriting.  In addition, he is a recipient of the Associated Press sports editor’s Red Smith Award “For Extended Meritorious Labor in the Art of Sports Journalism,” and the PEN Award “For Literary Excellence in Sportswriting.”  He has also been featured on various ESPN programs for over three decades, including, the current show, Around the Horn.   
Bill Chuck recently joined us on episode 139 to discuss his latest book, In Scoring Position:  40 Years Of A Baseball Love Affair, which he co-authored with Bob Ryan.  That is 139 episodes too late as we wish we had known Bill when we first started the show, almost five years ago.  Bill is a baseball writer and researcher and has a weekly column in the Chicago Sun-Times.  He feels lucky to have found us, but that feeling goes both ways, as we are so fortunate to have him on again and will have him back as many times as he will say yes.  Bill knows baseball and loves the game.
Steve Trachsel was a Major League pitcher for 16 years.  Primarily known for his time with the Chicago Cubs and the New York Mets, it is the May 6, 2000 game he played for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park which we discuss.  In that game, Trachsel was masterful as he struck out 11 batters in a complete game 1-0 gem; outdueling future Hall of Famer, Pedro Martinez who K’d 17 hitters.  Steve was a previous guest on episode 127 and discussed his remarkable baseball career, which included the ability to remain on the field and give his teams well-pitched innings, usually throwing more than 200 per year.  He takes us into the game as we get to see it played from his perspective.  This is a rare treat that was not lost on us or either of our guests, Bob and Bill.    
Ryan Fey and Mark Anderson are known as The Grill Dads.  After winning Guy’s Big Project, hosted by Guy Fieri they starred in the prime-time shows, The Grill Dads and Comfort Food Tour on the Food Network.  They have also appeared on Beat Bobby FlayThe Wendy Williams ShowThe Today Show, and the Howard Stern Wrap-Up Show.  Their latest project is the incredibly funny cookbook, The Best Grilling Cookbook Ever Written By Two Idiots.  The book has recipes that will expand your grilling repertoire while making food you will thoroughly enjoy.  Fey and Mark are two best friends who are both from the world of advertising and love to cook.  It is that friendship, love of cooking, creativity, and excellent senses of humor that are making The Grill Dads a brand you will want to know and this cookbook one you will want to own. 
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We conclude the show with the song, “Baseball Always Brings You Home” by the musician, Dave Dresser, and the poet, Shel Krakofsky.
We truly appreciate our listeners and hope that all of you are staying safe.
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