Dr. Paul Semendinger Wrote a Book With Former New York Yankees, Roy White, Christie Vanover Created Girls Can Grill, and Jeff Rants

We have a baseball guest, Dr. Paul Semendinger, a barbecue guest, Christie Vanover, and a rant from Jeff. Those three things make for a very entertaining episode.

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We have a baseball guest, Dr. Paul Semendinger, a barbecue guest, Christie Vanover, and a rant from Jeff.  Those three things make for a very entertaining episode.
Dr. Paul Semendinger was leading a double life, one as an educator with a career that culminated in his last position as a middle school principal, from which he recently retired.  The other is as an author of several books and as the Editor-in-Chief and writer for his New York Yankees news and opinion blog, Start Spreading the News https://www.startspreadingthenews.blog/   His latest project is Roy White: From Compton to the Bronx which he co-authored with Roy White.  The stories from Roy White, former New York Yankees left fielder, are wonderful and Paul was the perfect person to help get them on paper and into a book.  Even the story of how Paul got the opportunity to assist Roy with telling these stories is an entertaining classic.  Dr. Semendinger is a member of the Internet Baseball Writers Association of America (IBWAA).  Go to https://drpaulsem.com/appearances/ for more information on Dr. Paul Semindinger.
Christie Vanover is the head cook and award-winning competitive pitmaster for the Girls Can Grill team.  She has won multiple grand championships and has dozens of top-ten category finishes.  Since 2015 Christie is also the editor and publisher of Girls Can Grill, https://girlscangrill.com/ an online magazine dedicated to sharing grilling tips and recipes to encourage more people to get outside and grill.  She has traveled across the globe learning grilling techniques in Asia, Europe, Central America, and throughout the United States.  Christie has worked in the public relations and the news industry for more than 20 years for the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, and NBC. She was also a park ranger for the National Park Service.  In 2020, she launched three award-winning spice blends for brisket, chicken, and pork.  Go to https://girlscangrill.com/christie-vanover/ for more information on Christie.
We conclude the show with the song, Baseball Always Brings You Home by the musician, Dave Dresser, and the poet, Shel Krakofsky.

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