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Tom Barton

Tom Barton is a world class sports analyst who has conducted sports programs for over two decades and currently hosts Wanna Bet?! Weekend Edition every week on over 100 stations across America.

Barton was the first person to legally wage a bet in the U.S. outside of Nevada, when he beat out the Governor of Delaware and others vying to be the first.

Tom began his career working as a sports talk host. After starting as an update man on a new college sports show, eventually his drive and leadership helped bring the show from an hour a week to a daily 2 hour show. Soon after that he started interning for the top rated sports show in the country where he was discovered by another station and offered his own morning show. ABC Radio was so impressed that they hired him and he began a ten year career with them as a writer, host, producer and sports analyst. After being at ABC for so long he started yearning for more and as luck would have it, ESPN Radio in New York was in creation and Tom was called on to help build the station. After his time there, the TV side of the business called and he left and pursued a television career. It wasn’t long before he became the head writer for TV 55 WLNY as well as a sports host that he soon transformed into his own cable show.

Throughout this time he was always very profitable handicapping sporting events on his own. His many trips to Vegas and wins became the talk of radio shows. After making a consistent profit for years and getting the word out on his shows he was contacted by a few high profile tout services to come on as a handicapping consultant. It didn’t take too long to realize that for them winning was secondary to selling, so he made the decision to go out on his own and clean up the business. He opened the doors of Tom Barton Sports in the fall of 2010 and in just a few years, he took the airwaves and sports handicapping world by storm. During this time, he was offered a show in Las Vegas, which now has been the longest running show on Fox Sports, as well as being asked to be a guest analyst on hundreds of programs. From national weekly shows, television, live remotes from the floor of the Westgate Casino, Hooters Hotel to hosting the Los Angeles Dodgers post game show in Las Vegas for 3 seasons, and giving handicapping advice at Heinz Field for the pre game show of the Pittsburgh Steelers , Barton has been a pioneer in sports wagering media. Tom has received awards from reputable sources like Pro Football Weekly, and has been highlighted as “the honest handicapper” in Gaming Today.