EP 24 – The off-season, in past tense

After a little déjà vu sets in around this off-season, J.P. Hoornstra and Shawn Green talk about the newest Hall of Fame class, the World Baseball Classic, and getting heckled by high schoolers during Community Caravan week.

Where to Listen

J.P. Hoornstra compares this winter to the winter of 2014-15 (2:24), and the deluge of prospects that followed then and are coming now (3:25). After a quick recap of the Dodgers’ Top 30 prospects of 2020 (7:54), J.P. brings on Shawn Green (10:02) to discuss Scott Rolen (12:04) clearing the Hall of Fame bar by 11 votes. Which player on the ballot would Shawn induct before Rolen and Harold Baines (15:51), and what was he like as a rookie teammate? (16:40) JP and Shawn hype the WBC (18:00) before Shawn breaks up Team USA (23:38). Lastly, Shawn recalls getting heckled by a high school student during the Dodgers’ off-season community caravan tour (27:38).


Dodgers’ top 30 prospects of 2020
2015 Dodgers vs. 2014 Dodgers
Hall of Fame voting results (sorry, Andre Ethier)
2023 WBC schedule
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