Grading the Knicks midseason with Ben Ritholtz

Ben Ritholtz (Knicks Film School) joins the show to discuss all things Knicks, both big-picture and points more imminent.

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We welcome Ben Ritholtz (Knicks Film School) to consider questions big and small regarding the Knicks and their season so far. Recorded after the Cleveland win but as timely now as then, we delve into all Knicks great and small with one of Knicks Twitter’s great minds. Does it mean anything that two years a Mitchell Robinson injury was when thiings took off, and this year it’s where we fear a drop-off? Why is Matthew’s fantasy about adding a superstar while retaining Julius Randle possibly unwise? What goes into Ben’s famous nightly grading rubric? And why is the BleavKnicks pod forever anti-Montclair State?