They actually did it. The Nationals traded Juan Soto.

Patrick Reddington, Editor-in-Chief at Federal Baseball, joins the podcast for a trade deadline special as we break down the Nationals trading Juan Soto to the San Diego Padres.

Where to Listen

Episode 2 of the Bleav in Nationals podcast

It’s only our second episode, but it’s a pretty big one as we react to the Nationals trading Juan Soto and Josh Bell to the San Diego Padres before the MLB Trade Deadline. Joining the podcast to react to the deal is Patrick Reddington of Federal Baseball.

  • 0:15 – Introduction
  • 2:04 – Patrick Reddington joins the podcast
  • 2:20 – Juan Soto trade reaction
  • 9:22 – A look at each of the players coming to Washington
  • 20:02 – Why didn’t the Nats do anything else!?
  • 24:50 – The Nats beat the Mets, for some reason