David Alter Joins Jonah In The Pressrow

David Alter, an esteemed member of the media, holds an insider position with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Over the past two years, David has distinguished himself as one of the few media representatives consistently accompanying the Maple Leafs on their journey, attending every single game. Prior to his current role, David garnered experience reporting on the Leafs for reputable outlets such as the National Post and Sportsnet (The Fan 590).

Where to Listen

David pursued his academic journey at Western University with a keen interest in mathematics. However, during his junior year, he had an epiphany that sparked a passion for sports media. Taking action on this newfound ambition, David joined the sports department at Western and delved deeper into the world of sports media. As his passion grew, he secured an internship at The Fan, which eventually paved the way for a role as a producer and reporter. This valuable experience has ultimately led him to his current position within the Toronto Maple Leafs organization.


In this episode of The Press Row, Jonah talks with David about:

  • Getting Started in Reporting 
  • What it is like being on the road with an NHL team 
  • The Divide of Leafs Nation 
  • Dubas Vs Shanahan 
  • Brad Treliving 
  • Core 4
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