Exploring the Rapidly Changing Landscape of Sports Gambling in Canada and Beyond

What happens when sports and gambling merge in the great north? Amanda Brewer, a seasoned expert in corporate communications and PR with a history steeped in the gaming industry, takes us on a journey through the changing landscape of sports gambling in Canada.

Where to Listen

Join us as we navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of sports gambling in Canada with Amanda Brewer, a seasoned expert in corporate communications and PR with a rich history in the gaming industry. Amanda provides a comprehensive understanding of the legislative changes occurring in the gambling market and the potential impacts. She shares her insights on the recent legalization of sports gambling in Canada, and we discuss the potential implications of Shohei Otani joining the Toronto Blue Jays. Our conversation also highlights the complexities involved in changing legislation to allow single bets on sports and the role of social media in promoting gambling.


In this episode of The Press Row, Jonah talks with Amanda about:

(00:25 – 02:18) The Evolving World of Sports Gambling
(07:25 – 08:16) Career and Ontario Casino Market Overview
(14:27 – 15:43) Influencers and Betting in Streamcasts
(18:03 – 19:17) Closure of Cannabis and Sports Betting
(21:00 – 22:11) Ontario’s Casino Market and Online Gambling
(26:58 – 28:07) The Evolution of Fan Engagement
(31:53 – 33:08) Sports Betting Legality in the US
(36:15 – 38:10) Rogers’ Confusing Exit From the Industry
(41:20 – 42:28) Social Media’s Negative Impact on Athletics
(49:55 – 51:21) Gaming Apps and Frustrations With Ads

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