John Ourand Joins Jonah In The Pressrow

John Ourand has been reporting on various aspects of the media industry for Sports Business Journal since 2006. His career in media began in 1990 as a reporter for the Washington Post. Prior to joining Sports Business Journal, John spent 12 years covering the sports media industry in both the United States and Europe.

Where to Listen

John is an esteemed figure in the sports media industry, having dedicated his entire career to this field. He has now ventured into podcasting and co-hosts the highly popular “Marchand & Ourand Sports Media Podcast.” In his current role, John is associated with the Sports Business Journal, where he meticulously covers all the latest developments and trends in sports media. With his deep expertise and comprehensive understanding, John remains at the forefront of reporting on the dynamic intersection of sports and media.

In this episode of The Press Row, Jonah talks with John about:

  • Sports Media Today 
  • Regional sports networks 
  •  Is cable going away?
  • Where is ESPN going?
  •  New NHL Candian deal 
  • Fast TV – Sports 
  • Gambling in sports 

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