Justin Boone Joins Jonah In The Pressrow

Leading the way as the Lead Fantasy Analyst at theScore is Justin Boone. Passionate about his role in the realm of fantasy football, Justin finds immense joy in his work. His exceptional skills were demonstrated when he secured the title of the Most Accurate Fantasy Football Analyst in 2019. Impressively, Justin maintained his position in the top seven for accuracy over the course of seven consecutive seasons.

Where to Listen

Commencing his professional journey, Justin embarked on his career with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, initially holding roles as a writer and a media coordinator. He subsequently transitioned to TSN, where he assumed the position of lead editor, overseeing content related to the NFL, MMA, and NCAA. This valuable experience paved the way for his current position at theScore. Presently, Justin, alongside Jonah, delves into discussions about the ongoing NFL season and its encompassing intricacies.

In this episode of The Press Row, Jonah talks with Justin about:

  • Justin’s Story 
  • Is Redzone Bad?
  •  Running Backs Not Getting Paid
  • Seahawks 3-Headed Monster 
  •  New Rookie Qbs
  • Are the Detroit Lions Legit?
  • Sean Peyton’s New Gig
  • NFL Premium Plus  

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