Matt Sekeres and Blake Price Join Jonah in the Pressrow.

Formerly on TSN 1040, Matt Sekeres and Blake Price are two of the most popular voices in Vancouver hockey. They both sit down with Jonah on the Pressrow to discuss The new era of listening to podcasts and the canucks.

Where to Listen

Matt Sekeres and Blake Price used to host a show on TSN 1040. After their tenure at the radio station ended, they made the decision to shift their program to a daily podcast, airing from 3 to 6 p.m. Seven months later, they achieved a significant milestone when their podcast garnered one million downloads. Additionally, they established a physical location for their podcast recordings, which allows fans to observe the production. Despite the change in format, they remain committed to discussing the Vancouver Canucks and other local sports teams.


In this episode of The Press Row, Jonah talks with Matt and Blake about:

  • How TSN 1040 changed 
  •  Is Radio Dead?
  • Younger listeners are key 
  • Jimmy Rutherford
  • Kraken Vs Canucks Rivalry?

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