Michael Traikos Joins Jonah in The Pressrow Pt. 2

Michael Traikos is a National Hockey Writer at Postmedia Network. In 2004, he began working for Postmedia as an intern. After the NHL lockout, he became a beat reporter. Having written about hockey for more than two decades, Michael is an expert in the field.

Where to Listen

Among Traikos’ accomplishments is his work as a writer for Postmedia Network and as an author of The Next Ones. Michael returns back to The Press Row to talk about NHL playoffs and some more media as well.

In this episode of The Press Row, Jonah talks with Michael about:

  • Maple Leafs VS Tampa
  •  Cooper Vs. Keefe
  • Media Writers not traveling
  • Losing Relationships With Team Members
  • Toronto’s Harsh Media
  • Bold Prediction Toronto In 6

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