BIG News from USC…Trojans to the Big 10

USC made yet another bombshell move this week, shocking college sports fans across the country. Hosts Kristen Lago and Lendale White welcome fellow Trojan alum, Shaun Cody to breakdown the Trojans move to the Big 10 Conference.

Where to Listen

There never seems to be a shortage of news when you’re a USC football fan. This week, the University joined forced with its rival UCLA, in making the move out of the Pac-12 Conference and into the Big 10. The Trojans will officially join the new conference in 2024. To breakdown the move heard around the college sports world, Kristen Lago and Lendale White welcome former All-American and National Champion Shaun Cody to the show. They get into what lies ahead for USC, while giving us an inside look at what campus was like when both Lendale and Shaun were suiting up for the Trojans!