Kripalu Outdoor Guide: Cindy Olsen’s Leap from Entertainment Finance to Mindful Naturalist

Cindy Olsen talks all about dropping the ego when considering your career path and trajectory and how to pull off a wonderfully wild career pivot!

Where to Listen

Cindy Olsen built a career in entertainment finance by climbing the ladder from the start of her career, but a pivotal moment happened when she was pregnant with her second child which changed everything – prompting her to reevaluate her professional life and redefine what success meant to her.  Today Cindy Olsen is a certified Kripalu Mindful Outdoor Guide and founder of Cindy By Nature. She is passionate about sharing the powerful physical and mental benefits of nature and mindfulness with others. Additionally, she runs award-winning mindful awareness programs for various schools, organizations, and private clients – a gig she says gives her more joy than she could have ever imagined!  This episode not only highlights her journey and advice for pivot-seekers, but also explores how Kripalu mindful outdoor experiences integrate elements of forest bathing, yoga philosophy and practice, Ayurveda, outdoor survival and connection skills, along with an overall focus on nature’s health benefits.