Dirty Water: The BeachGrit Podcast featuring Chas Smith and Derek Rielly

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Dirty Water is a one-hour hit of fruitless discourse where opinion is everything and facts rarely matter. Hosted by best-selling authors Chas Smith and Derek Rielly.

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Malibu realtor dubbed “Angriest Man in Surfing” details wild struggle as enforcer at world’s most crowded wave, “People think I’m crazy but I’m trying to regulate a crowd of f$#king idiots!”

After a video of him smashing another surfer's board following an entanglement goes viral on TikTok, Malibu realtor Andy Lyon...

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Peter Mel on fist fighting, his bombshell wave at Mavericks and the reckless flirtation with Methamphetamine that nearly put him behind bars, “When you’re at your lowest it feels nothing can help you!”

Pete Mel talks about how he stuck his lance into that monster thirty-foot wave at Maverick's neck, how he was...

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Dirty Water with existentialist Julian Wilson, “I thought I watched Bruce Irons die in front of me, I thought I watched Nathan Fletcher die in front of me, I thought I was going to die!”

Former world number two Julian Wilson on supporting his family as a kid, an early arrest, watching friends skirt death...

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Dirty Water with eighties superstar Gary “Kong” Elkerton

Eighties superstar Gary "Kong" Elkerton on navigating life once the legend fades and real life stares back at you.

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Chas Smith and Derek Rielly

Derek Rielly is an editor, writer, magazine and book publisher, entrepreneur, and PR agent. He has launched two magazines, including Stab (in 2003) and the four-language title Surf Europe, acted as a trouble-shooting editor on Australia’s biggest men’s title, created websites, advertising campaigns, and consulted on others. His writing has appeared in The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald and Wish magazine, and many others. For five years, Derek wrote a weekly column for Fairfax newspapers on topics as diverse as love, sex, abortion, and politics. His photography (yes, he shoots too) has appeared in The Good Weekend and in advertising campaigns. The Australian newspaper describes Derek as “good-looking, astute, and charming.”

Derek’s latest work, called Wednesdays With Bob, is a best-selling biography of the popular Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke. It was described in The Guardian as “a joy to read” and was rated the number one political biography in the Financial Review.

Charlie Smith is a hyper-ironic surf journalist and bon vivant from Coos Bay, Oregon; frequent contributor to Stab magazine and a contributing editor at Surfing magazine since the mid-2000s. Comfortable in dangerous Third World nations, Smith spent time in Lebanon and Somalia in the early 2000s researching and writing pieces for Vice, an arts and culture magazine. He also covered the 2006 Israeli-Hezbollah conflict for the internet-based CurrentTV, an assignment that ended with Smith as a brief captive of Hezbollah.

Smith’s first book, Welcome to Paradise, Now Go to Hell, a surf-based cultural peek at the North Shore of Oahu, came out in 2013. In an upbeat review, Kirkus called Smith the “clown prince of trash prose,” and described the book as a “boozy and often funny investigation into a little-understood corner of America.” In 2014, Smith began writing for Esquire.com, and later that year blog-posted on SurfingMagazine.com that he was, happily and without regret, saying goodbye to surf writing in order to become a war correspondent although he soon left the battlefield to found BeachGrit with Derek Rielly.

Charlie?s latest work is the book, Cocaine and Surfing, an Outrageous ExposÈ.