First-Name Basis, Episode 4: The Last 10

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We’re finishing out the Top 40 in our First-Name Basis season with an all-timer set of 10 songs: all three of the songs your co-hosts and their husbands picked to win the whole season, and the diabetic garbage that’s been torturing SDB for decades. We’re also discussing mall anchor restaurants, the peak period of cinema-storyline videos, enduring bobby-soxer cuteness, startlingly low chart performance, and whether “fap-fap-fap” is in fact an emotion. Tie down that swingset and join us for an all-new MASTAS!

Our intro is [deep breath] Elliott Smith, Ben Folds, Andrew Byrne, Laura Barger, AND Jack Baldelli, and our outro is Jim Croce. For more information/to become a patron of the show, visit