Richard Villa – Not So Straight Outta Compton

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Richard Villa is a comedian and actor whose material is now about his life which has been an emotional rollercoaster. If you grew up selling crack cocaine on the streets of Compton with your dad and family at age 10 or 11, then Richard’s story would be familar. It’s kind of a Latino version of Breaking Bad. But what may be surprising is that his take on the experience is that he got to spend time with his dad, which was rare in his neighborhood. He snuck across the border dressed in a halloween costume and the story was that Richard as a little kid was to say the words trick or treat to the border patrol agent. That’s how he got into the country. Stop me if you’ve heard this before. Cut to being a successful comic, drinking, bottoming out on stage one night, losing friends, and having all his work cancelled due to the pandemic, and then really hitting bottom. And finally getting help, going to therapy, and couples therapy, being a dad, getting on medication and now trying to get off it. He felt that for his whole life he was running, and now not running anymore, now he is facing himself and dealing. You’ll have to listen in to find out how he became a sexaul harrassment counselor, and what happened when he married a border patrol agent. Jennifer talks about forgiveness and self forgivenes, and helps Richard on an issue with a friend. It’s all here. Check out Richard Villa Comedy on Tiktok and Youtube. and here in Spanish and English. And find all of Jennifer’s books, skills, podcasts and services for kiids, parents, families here at and look for the good!