The Cheetah is a Dolphin

NFL Superstar Tyreek Hill is traded to The Miami Dolphins!

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Woah! A day after shoring up their offensive line by signing top NFL free agent, Terron Armstead, The Miami Dolphins top their own headline by TRADING FOR TYREEK HILL! The superstar wide receiver comes to Miami for a handful of draft picks and immediately signs a beefy extension to team up with Tua Tagovailoa, Jaylen Waddle, Mike Gesicki, Chase Edmonds, Raheem Mostert and the rest of the Miami Dolphins.

In what might be the biggest player trade since Ricky Williams for Miami, Sam and Chris break down how this trade happened, what other famous trade led to this, and whether or not Miami is even done with their offseason plan or not.

Plus, with all of the news of Tyreek, we almost forogt that TERRON FREAKING ARMSTEAD is also here! What does hs presence do for the offense on the field, and maybe more importantly, off of it?

And of course…we dive DEEP into Dolphins Twitter with ELITE TWEET or DELETE TWEET: Free Agency Edition!

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