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The Huddle with Mo and Lo is an upbeat, hilarious, and interactive show where we discuss business and "balls" with former and current athletes. The show gives an inside look at athletes who are in business and when they huddle up, they share their best secrets to help listeners connect and thrive on and off the field, court, pool or wherever they compete! Monica D. Livingston and Lois Cook have competed in professional sports as members of the DC Divas, Women's Professional Tackle Football Team. Monica is an educator, speaker, business owner and Hall of Famer. Lois is an influencer, speaker, host, and creator. When the two pair up, The Huddle creates an electric mix of laughs, inspiration, and motivation.

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Monica D. Livingston

Monica D. Livingston is an educator, business owner, speaker, and accomplished athlete. She currently lends her expertise and talents to Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA), The Center for Teacher Effectiveness, and The Maryland Business Roundtable on Education. She travels the country (virtually at the moment) as a highly sought-after motivational speaker. Additionally, Monica serves as host of her own internationally broadcast podcast and is a highly sought-after guest. Ms. Livingston was an all-star running back, offensive MVP, and Hall of Fame inductee due to her stellar contributions on and off the field for the DC Divas, a professional women?s tackle football team. She continues to support women in sports as the Chief Revenue Officer for the Women’s National Football Conference (WNFC). She has spoken to tens of thousands of people while presenting for national organizations such as the NBA, NFL, MLB, FedEx, YMCA, and National Institutes of Health and international groups from Russia, Ghana, and Zambia. Monica uses humor to educate, engage, and inspire and has twice been named winner of Comcast SportsNet Funniest Sports Celebrity in Washington. She has been an integral part of developing and disseminating PCA?s Sports Can Battle Racism and volunteers her time as a panel expert on a range of issues from equity in athletics to women in business to race in society. In a world where executives and companies face countless challenges, Monica D. Livingston provides a unique approach that not only guides clients through these obstacles, but also teaches them how to handle future hardship. With a focus on leadership development, smart decision-making, and creative-problem solving, Monica D. Livingston has been helping the professional community since 2000. Their clients include startup founders, corporate executives, and organizations of all sizes.