Best Super Hero Tv Show All-Time?

Hawkeye is under protest, we got a top tier doggo and Nick is publically shamed.

Where to Listen

HellOOOOOO!!! We switched hosting platforms and have no idea how to post here, so things got jumbled! Two episodes this week though!! We open with Hawkeye’s new TV show (00:00-25:00) and then talk about the controversy surrounding the Hawkeye Tv Show (25:20-31:10). After that we jump straight into our Stack Em Up “Whats the greatest superhero tv show of all time?” (31:40-1:01:45). Jose and Mizu then chat HBO Max’s newest movie King Richard (1:02:00-1:12:30). We close the show with Platinum End and general anime talk! (1:12:45-1:23:00).