Best Videogame Adaption of All-Time?

Nick defends Thanksgiving, Jeremy Renner looks old and Jose ate The Child.

Where to Listen

If yor always late are you every late? (Apparently the company that manages us changes our hosting platform so when Nick posted this it didnt work, we’re sorry!) We open with Cowboy Bebop Live Action! (00:00-17:00), and move directly into anime reccomendations! (17:00-21:30). We then touch on Platinum End (21:30-30:20). Speaking of people who want to be god Jeremy Renner is coming out with a new show Hawk-eye! (30:30-45:45). We also got a new No Way Home Trailer (45:50-56:45) and then we moved onto this weeks Stack Em Up (56:45-1:20:00). We close with another anime rec from Mizu (1:20:00-1:23:00).